Fashion Parade!

What a fantastic display of clothing through the decades! We have had a treat today, from Tom Cruise through the Ghostbusters and from hoodies to Jessie from Toy Story and all the Spice Girls!

There is lots of neon, leg warmers and ra-ra skirts – and that’s just the teachers!

Let us know what you think!!

80s, 90s and ’00s buffet

We have had a spectacular morning! Accompanied by the sounds of Jason Donovan, Take That, The Spice Girls and Adele we have enjoyed munching our way through our vintage buffet. From cupcakes to pop tarts, paninis to Micro Chips and lots of other nibbles that made us all smile!

A massive thank you to the parents for really entering into the diamond jubilee spirit!

Looking forward to seeing the outfits tomorrow!

Thanks again