6 thoughts on “Eureka”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my school trip to Eureka. I especially enjoyed the computer area, where we changed all the faces of the children in our group, to have moustaches and multicoloured eyelashes! I also enjoyed learning about the different tropical fish – especially the Japanese fighting fish.

  2. I really enjoyed visiting Eureka. I played outside in the sand area. It was very very fun out there . We also had lunch inside the old train. I had small cheese sandwiches and a piece of ginger bread also a packet of crisps. They were yummy! I thought that it was very very fun.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your Children in Need pictures with Pudsey Bear and X Factor videos. It was funny seeing you all in your pyjamas – even the teachers!
    You know how to have fun at Beech House!

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